Sex is Good for You! Ten Passion Truths

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passion parties
Become a Passion Diva with this advice from a Passion Party expert.

Happily, things have changed a whole lot since then. We’ve evolved, and I’m happy to say that I’ve evolved, too. As a woman who started dating in the fifties and then lived through the sixties, seventies, and beyond, I’ve seen women facing a whole range of expectations and choices. As the times changed, I changed with them, which has put me in a terrific position to understand the many different hopes, fears, and dreams that women of all ages and backgrounds bring to our parties.

These days, of course, women work both inside and outside the home. And we don’t just share in the financial responsibilities of our households. We expect to share in the sexual pleasure, too. After all, fair is fair, whether we’re talking about the bank account or the bedroom. Like our husbands, we bring home the bucks — and, like them, we want to enjoy all the pleasures sex has to offer.


So if we’re being fair, we can no longer expect the man to take full responsibility for our sexual experience. It’s up to us to know what makes us happy, what turns us on (and off), what sounds like an adventure we might want to try or a fantasy we might like to explore. It’s up to us to initiate sex once in awhile, to make it clear that we are not passive maidens submitting to our partners, but active and vital women with our own sexual needs and desires.

When I figured this out, I came up with a notion that has served Passion Parties well — the concept of the Passion Diva. As I see it, every woman has one, that lusty, sexy, sparkling creature who lives inside us and is just waiting to be let out. Your Passion Diva knows all about the kind of sex that will make your toes curl and your breath come more quickly. She knows what will get you tingling with anticipation and what will leave you glowing with pleasure. She’s the expert on which parts of your body like to be caressed and kissed, when you like it sweet and gentle, and when you’re looking for fiery and intense. Plus, she knows all sorts of things that will turn your man on and leave him panting with desire — and more than happy to satisfy you.

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