Sex is Good for You! Ten Passion Truths

By YourTango

passion parties
Become a Passion Diva with this advice from a Passion Party expert.

Contact us at if you’d like to attend a Passion Party. We're growing all the time, and we've probably got something going on right in your neighborhood. And if you think you'd like to become a Passion Consultant, contact us at the same Web address, and we'll be glad to have you: Our consultants are the foundation of our business, and we couldn't do without them. Although earnings vary with effort, we are proud of our Passion Consultants, from the ones who work for “top up money” of $1,000 a month to the Passion Parties "Million Dollar Club" women who net an income in the high six figures, we empower them all, from the bedroom to the bank. In fact, that empowerment is right at the heart of our mission statement:

"To share the Passion Parties opportunity so that any woman can experience the prosperity of owning her own business; to share the products that will enhance any woman’s relationship; and to share the philosophy of women helping women"

If you'd like to be a part of the Passion Parties experience, we'll welcome you with open arms. But you can also treat this book as your own personal Passion Party — a chance to find out about all the wonderful products we offer, to learn or review "Sex 101," and to hear about some great new ideas that can bring a whole new level of magic into your bedroom. (Hey, why stop there? Why not make some magic in your living room, your bathtub, and — if you've got a nice, high fence — your backyard!)

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