Sex is Good for You! Ten Passion Truths

By YourTango

passion parties
Become a Passion Diva with this advice from a Passion Party expert.

Our team of tens of thousands of Passion Consultants operates in every region of the United States and Canada — in rural areas, in towns, big cities, and suburbs; among women age eighteen to eighty; for women who are single, married, divorced, separated, or widowed. We reach every type of woman, because let's face it, all of us are looking to enjoy our bodies, our partners, and ourselves.

I've come to realize that the Passion Consultant is a very special person, because it all starts with her. She gets the word out to her friends and neighbors, organizing Passion Parties for ten to fifteen women at a time — maybe friends, maybe strangers, maybe some of both. At these in-home parties, she introduces her guests to our wide range of products: everything from sensual body products and personal lubricants to playful edibles, vibrators and sex toys. Many of us are a bit uncomfortable with these products at first — after all, our mothers probably never took us aside and showed us how to operate our first vibrator! But our Passion Consultants make it easy to learn more about what these items are and how they can enhance your sex life. Maybe when the evening starts, some of the guests are a little nervous, but by the end of the evening, it's like being at the ultimate "girl's night in" — everyone is laughing, joking, and sharing stories. Most important, everyone is looking forward to getting home and trying out all the new things she's bought! Whether it's Pure Satisfaction UniSEX Enhancement Gel (a clitoral stimulant), White Chocolate Passion Pudding (an edible product made for enhancing foreplay and oral sex), or your first-time Bullet vibrator, you know it's going to add something special to your sex life.

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