Quick Celebrity News: Borat's Baby, Eddie's Wedding And LiLo Engaged

Quick Celebrity News: Borat's Baby, Eddie's Wedding And LiLo Engaged?

E! is reporting that Isla Fisher and Sacha Borat Ali G Bruno Baron Cohen had their baby. The baby is a girl. We imagine that she will be sassy and have an accent.

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Eddie Murphy and Tracy Edmonds are looking to get married before the end of the year. MSNBC is reporting that these nuptials are ready to roll. Maybe they’re just trying to get past the Mel ‘Scary Spice’ Brown fiasco. Best of luck.

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OK! is reporting that Lindsay Lohan’s new boyf, Riley Giles, has proposed to her. This news comes by way of a Nebraska DJ. Pump the brakes, gang. Pump the brakes. We find this highly dubious. Although, rumor has it that RiGi was either engaged or engaged-to-be-engaged to his last love interest. That ring could be burning a hole in his cargo shorts. We still find this report highly unlikely.

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