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Cleveland Television Poll Shows That Women Prefer Cowboys

From Plain Dealer Reporter By Chuck Yarborough

Question: How do you know when a cowboy is in a committed relationship?

Answer: When tobacco juice streams down both sides of his pickup.

Sure, it's an old joke, at least among us rednecks. But you concrete canyon types should know there's a reason why you're likely to see a two-tone Silverado out on the main drag, whether that drag is in Cleveland, Texas, or Cleveland, Ohio.

In the deep-throated growl of lanky country singer Trace Adkins, "Girls love country boys."
Tango’s Take Is Jon Voight dusting off his ten-gallon hat as we speak? Is Woody Harrelson devising a plan to bust Kiefer Sutherland out of the big house to make a sequel to The Cowboy Way? Of course cowboys are sexier. Come on, they’re rough and tumble and often play the guitar. Their calloused hands know how to hold a lady and make her feel special. They rarely, if ever, wear those stupid Bluetooth earpieces. From the perspective of a city gal, there’s really no comparison. We wonder if they flipped the script and asked cowgirls whom they preferred. We would probably get the same answer. But we’re sure some lonesome dove would probably like to eat a filet that she didn’t know by name, maybe get a nice pair of Louboutins in her size, and tickets to the opera not the Grand Ole Opri. This is great news for cowboys, they’ve really had a rough couple of years since Brokeback Mountain made gauchos worldwide ashamed of their profession. And we see why Paul Bettany doesn’t wear boots now (see that Dish). Giving off a super sexy vibe, clearly, should be avoided in order to manage expectations.

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