How To See Bald As Beautiful

By YourTango

How To See Bald As Beautiful
Cathi and Dan offer advice to a wife whose husband is losing hair.

His Take: I hate to break it to you, but the aging process isn't always hot. All you can reasonably expect is that your husband does the best he can with what he's got, by staying in prime physical shape and otherwise trying to look good. Then you need to deal with your diminishing attraction by whatever means necessary—couples therapy, weekends away, porn? As far as talking about it, my question is: to what end? So that he'll agree to get a hair weave? Or is this just a case of using honesty to make him feel terrible about something he can't control? Here’s an idea: go ahead and tell him his baldness is turning you off. Then say, "Now you tell me what turns you off about my aging body." If you think such a conversation will lead to marital and sexual bliss, then by all means, have it.

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