New Rumors Of Engagement Surfacing For British Royals

New Rumors Of Engagement Surfacing For British Royals



From The New York Daily News

LONDON (AP) -- Photographs Prince William's girlfriend, Kate Middleton, clad in khaki on a Scottish hunting trip, have rekindled speculation the pair will soon announce their engagement. British Sunday newspapers ran pictures showing Middleton, 25, on a stag hunting expedition at the royal family's Balmoral estate alongside William's father, Prince Charles. One shows Middleton, in jeans and a camouflage jacket, lying on her stomach as she lines up her rifle for a shot, reportedly at a practice target. The Sunday Telegraph said it was the first time Middleton had been photographed with Charles, "fueling speculation that she is about to become engaged to Prince William."

Tango’s Take We know that they drive on the wrong side of the road over there, let the government pay for health care, and call cigarettes ‘fags,’ but we assumed that they did some things like we did. But if we didn’t know any better we would think that Kate Middleton is asking Prince Charles if Prince William can marry her. How positively queer. William (Wills, hm, hm, hm) is 25 and doesn’t need the approval of his grandmother, the Queen, to get married. It looks like Middleton is just giving the Royals a heads up. Very polite of her. We have no idea why this story is so fascinating. We know that the only thing on the line is a figure-head monarchy’s lineage but it’s compelling. While we’re at it, it looks like Prince Harry skipped his ‘girlf’s’ birthday party to see England beat France in rugby. William shouldn’t have to feel any pressure to produce a legitimate heir first. His bro-bro is veering dangerously close to Roger Clinton/ Billy Carter territory. Enjoy your youth, young monarchs, for one day you will have waaay more waving and state dinners to do.

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