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Marc Anthony Is, Evidently, Potent

From The New York Post’s Page Six
By Richard Johnson

October 5, 2007 -- JENNY from the Block wants to share the good news she's expecting - right here in her hometown. Bronx native Jennifer Lopez, 38, plans to "announce that she and (husband) Marc Anthony are expecting their first child on Saturday night at her Madison Square Garden concert," said an insider. A spy at her concert in Connecticut Wednesday night told us, "a fan blew the side of her top all the way up for a moment, and a definitive baby bump was there.

Tango’s Take
We were skeptical the first handful of times that we heard this story. We know that there’s a ‘danger zone’ time at the front of any pregnancy that you keep the whole thing under your hat for good luck. But people are estimating that Jennifer Lopez is 5 to 6 months pregnant. When did she get demure? We thought these cats were shameless in their self-promotion. And if Knocked Up taught us anything it’s that everybody loves a pregnant woman (if she doesn’t lie about it, Hollywood hates liars). We’re skeptical that she is into her second trimester. And we’re actually a little skeptical that she’s pregnant at all.

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