Superman Brandon Routh Getting Hitched In A Couple Of Months

From Ireland Online

Superman Brandon Routh will make longtime girlfriend Courtney Ford his super-wife in November when the couple weds in Santa Barbara, California.

The actor has secured the Bacara Resort & Spa for his romantic beach nuptials on November 24.

Tango’s Take
Good work, Ireland Online. Now all of his enemies know his secret identity, his wife’s name and where they’re getting married. Next time print a recipe for Kryptonite. If it’s anything like homemade Prozac it takes a lot of iced cream. We’re not sure if there is an award for excellence in casting. But whoever found Brandon Routh deserves the opposite of a knuckle sandwich for casting him as the man of steel. Well done. And we wish Brandon the best of luck in his future marriage and finding another role that’s not Superman.

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