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Kathy Griffin Engaged To Apple Co-Founder

Kathy Griffin Engaged To Apple Co-Founder


Comedienne Kathy Griffin has landed one of the world’s richest bachelors, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. She brought the huggable guy to the Emmys with her, and looked like she was wearing an engagement ring, although she wouldn’t comment when asked about it, saying “I don’t kiss and tell.”

On an appearance on Larry King about her censored Emmy speech she said “What do you make, Lar? You make a few million a year? He craps that out for lunch. I mean this guy has so much money — but I love him for his personality.”

It looks like Wozniak became smitten with Griffin from afar and pursued her, coming to see her perform in July. He is said to have left her a gift basket with items for her dog before they met. That’s sweet!
Tango’s Take We were sort of hoping that it was the other Apple Steve. He seems like he fits into the whole Hollyweird scene better. Maybe this is better though. Kathy Griffin is sort of an odd fit for Hollywood any way. The only bad thing about this, as far as we can see, is that he may be asked to buy her a cable channel of her own. And the last thing we need on the tele is more Kathy Griffin or D-List celebs.

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