Craigs List And Money-Loving Honesty


And should anyone really care when a nice young lady is exercising her right to practice, in her way, the world’s oldest profession? Not only is it the world’s oldest profession, humans do not have a lock on it. Female penguins trade rocks for sex and the alphas of every species land their choice of the best looking broads.
We don’t have much else to say except we noticed that she referred to herself as ‘classy’ and that sort of raises a red flag in our books. Chances are when someone refers to oneself as ‘classy,’ he/she may not be. And using Craigslist as a sounding board to scoop up a sugar daddy sort of closes the door on ‘classy.’ And on the off chance that PostingID: 432279810 is reading please check out past Dishes (below) on the best ways to land a rich guy. We just want someone to invite us to the European countries that only rich people know about, like San Borgian and Grenyarnia. And honestly, what person doesn’t want to marry someone who has a lot of money? Sometimes you just keep it to yourself and friends and Facebook page.

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