What is Your LoveStage?

By YourTango

Your bottom line: Make that lines. Fifty-eight percent of engaged couples living together combine bank accounts. Yet, 62 percent of you choose to keep your plastic one-name only.

Fun fact: Back away from the Lifetime movie: You're the most likely of any LoveStage to say you're feeling more emotional now than ever before. You also use photo-sharing sites and go to the movies most often.


Celeb poster children: Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy

LoveStage: Married

Your top priority: You're the happiest with your work/life balance now. Less than 12 percent of you say you plan to change jobs anytime soon. But one in 10 of you do plan to have a baby in the next 12 months.

Your bottom line: Going toward good eats. Today, married women spend more on dining out than any other LoveStage. Take that, Betty Crocker.

Fun fact: Have husband, will travel. Seventy percent of you plan to jet off into the sunset on vacation soon. Isn't it nice to have a built-in someone to rub sunscreen on your back?

Celeb poster children: Julianne Moore and Bart Freundlich

LoveStage: Between relationships (due to a breakup, separation, or divorce)

Your top priority: Connecting with friends. Fire up your Friendster! Women in transition are two to three times more likely than others to network online. You're also most likely of all the LoveStages to be on Instant Messenger 24/7. Good 4 u!

Your bottom line: How's that lip-gloss collection? You're investing in yourself to feel good again, and most likely of all the LoveStages to engage in beauty-product binges.

Fun fact: Can an espresso maker cure a broken heart? It's not scientifically proven, but investing in new sheets and dishes is a good start: One in three of you said you're in the market for new housewares now.

Celeb poster child: Reese Witherspoon

How we got our data

Tango teamed up with Yahoo!Personals and Carat USA to poll 1,000 women in different LoveStages. The respondents were sourced from MarketTools's ZoomPanel, a nationally representative online panel of 2.5 million consumers.

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