What is Your LoveStage?

By YourTango

Fun fact: Be your best friend? Connectors ranked their pals as a higher priority than romantic success or their appearance. You also beat out every other LoveStage when it comes to career satisfaction!

Celeb poster child: Jennifer Aniston


Some people in this LoveStage maybe dating but not exclusively, in which case:

Your top priority: Self-improvement. Seventy-three percent of you are trying to Google your way to enlightenment, going online for info on bettering yourself. And one in five is currently seeing a therapist, twice as many as any other LoveStage.

Your bottom line: Subject to change: 44 percent of you say you intend to look for a new job in the next year. Maybe that time off helps explain why you watch the most talk shows.

Fun fact: More pro-gym than any other LoveStage, 16 percent of you practice yoga or Pilates regularly. Overall, you tend to exercise more often than singletons or the committed, and 300 percent more than those going through a breakup! Paging Ben and Jerry.

Celeb poster child: Cameron Diaz

LoveStage: Taken (Dating someone exclusively)

Your top priority: Now that you're in a cozy twosome, most of you say you wish you had more time to socialize and exercise. (Yet nearly half of you say you "never think" about dieting.)

Your bottom line: It's budget reallocation time: In this stage of dating, you tend to spend 20 percent more than average on movies, dinners, concert tickets, and -- call it the Xbox effect -- 35 percent of you say you're also suddenly shelling out more on electronics.

Fun fact: Got your eye on a diamond? Twenty-three percent of you say you are expecting to get engaged within the next 12 months. Pre-congrats!

Celeb poster children: Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard

LoveStage: Engaged

Your top priority: Building your nest, of course. You're dropping 20 percent more than any other LoveStage on home products. We're with you. In our heart of hearts, we all want 1,000 threadcount sheets.