Jaime King Talks About FedEx Engagement Fiasco

Jaime King Talks About FedEx Engagement Fiasco

From People By Marla Lehner

Jaime King's romance with fiancé Kyle Newman is like a fairytale – but she describes their engagement as "a scene out of a romantic comedy."

The couple, who had picked out an engagement ring together, were expecting the jewelry to be delivered via FedEx the day before leaving for a getaway together. "Somehow we missed the FedEx truck, and I freaked out," King tells In Style Weddings for its October issue.

"I wanted to go on the vacation engaged, with my ring! So I got in the car, and I stopped two FedEx trucks, saying, 'Do you have my ring?' It was like a scene out of romantic comedy, with me literally chasing down trucks!"

Tango’s Take That’s adorable that they had this mix-up. What good fun. We wonder why they had to have the item shipped to them? Don’t most people pick it up? Oh, then you have to pay tax on it. Hmm. And we assume that they were using FedEx to ship from a friend’s address in a state that didn’t have their brand of jeweler. We assume this because Harry Winston and Cartier both use private couriers. Unless, they went with Tiffany’s, but that wouldn’t be enough for Jaime King, would it? We’re not sure if we endorse this scene in which the lady picks out the ring and the guy is just expected to get down on his knee and go through the motions. Where’s the romance? We appreciate everyone having input on the engagement ring decision, evidently it’s important. But let’s get some element of mystery back in this thing.

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