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Rules To Follow When Getting A Gay Marriage In New England

From The Washington Post

The procedures for gays and lesbians to marry or celebrate a civil union vary slightly in the different New England states offering those options. In Massachusetts, the rules are for marriages; in the other states, they're for civil unions.

Tango’s Take
This is a pretty informative look at the gay marriage scene in America’s Northeast. We had no idea that only New Mexicans and Rhode Islanders (and Mass-holes, natch) can have a legally sanctioned marriage in Massachusetts.  We’re not really sure what else to say except Rhode Island is neither a rhode nor an island. They should think about getting a slick, new name to drum up some tourism. We’re thinking East Connecticut would do it. They could say things like “welcome to the EC, bitch.” Have a good weekend, we’re going to go slam our hand in a car door.

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