Daniel Radcliffe's Giggles Ruin Sex Scene

Daniel Radcliffe's Giggles Ruin Sex Scene

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Daniel Radcliffe ruined his first on-screen sex scene - he couldn't stop giggling. The Harry Potter star, 18, stars in the forthcoming film December Boys - but admits he struggled to take the steamy scene with co-star Teresa Palmer seriously.

He says, "It's very, very hard to stop giggling I found. I suppose the thing I was worried about was, 'Am I going to get an erection? Is this going to be really sexy? Is this going to be a bit awkward?'

"But when you get in there, it's not sexy in the slightest."
Tango’s Take We feel you, D-Rad. Most of our sex scenes are awkward with lots of giggling. Erections are a constant concern and you are not alone feeling that the whole thing is entirely un-sexy. You know, bored camera crew, etc. We should hang out some time, maybe compare notes.

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