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Actor Tobey Maguire Weds in Hawaii

Tango’s Take T-Mag has made an honest woman out of his baby’s mama. Good effort. It helps when she is the daughter of the president of Universal Studios. Yep, Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyer got married over the weekend in Hawaii. They had a daughter, Ruby, last November. We don’t have much else to say except THE CIDER HOUSE RULES!
In Other Celebrity Family News: Halle Berry is three months pregnant. Waaaaaaah! She and model boyfriend Gabriel Aubry have a baby on board. Berry was supposed to start filming Tulia with Lionsgate in October but those plans are now on hold. It’s interesting that she decided to have a baby considering her stance on not getting married again. We guess you don’t need to be married to have children, though statistically speaking, it’s better for the kids. Maybe they can have one of those Kurt Russell-Goldie Hawn relationships. Except more sexy and less adorable.

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