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Is Charlize Theron Engaged? Is Mandy Moore?

Starpulse wonders if Charlize Theron is engaged. She came back from a trip to Belize with Stuart Townsend sporting a bit of shine on her left ring finger. What’s up with the engagement, Charlize?

Read More Of The Article… is reporting that Mandy Moore is rocking an engagement ring, too. Though she’s not linked to or photographed with anyone in particular, she’s got something on her left ring finger. They surmise that it’s a thank you to herself for her great work in film and music. We thought that the ad wizards in the diamond industry recommended that you treat yourself to a shiny present and wear it on your right hand. Whaterr. TMZ is reporting that Mandy Moore sang at the Ghostbar (Palms Resort, Las Vegas) with some of the songs on her new album. Maybe she is in love with her career. So in love with it that she wants to marry it.


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