Divorce 101

Divorce 101

From CBS (CBS) Everyone has heard of pre-marital counseling, wherein engaged couples spend time with a clergyman or family therapist who discusses various aspects of married life. Experts say this can often help couples resolve difficult issues before those issues can create a rift in the relationship. So what's so surprising about the idea of, well, post-marital counseling -– a class for couples who are breaking up that can teach them how to get through the emotionally difficult and draining process of ending a marriage -- without harming their children. For eight years, Dr. Mark Banschick of Katonah, N.Y., has taught divorcing couples how to behave when in the middle of a divorce and keep it on track. Tango’s Take Teaching couples to be civil to each other has to be a fun job. “Oh, you think I should lower my voice? You’re sleeping with her aren’t you? You low life son of a bitch! You just run this sick class so you can take advantages of needy whores like my wife.” Provided that the participants are fairly levelheaded, it seems like this class could really work. Lesson 1: Buying your children’s love, while effective, isn’t good in the long run. Lesson 2: Chances are it’s more someone’s fault than the other’s; don’t rub it in. That’s for the courts to do. Lesson 3: When in doubt, shout it out. Screaming at each other won’t settle anything but can get a little stress and anxiety out. Lesson 4: Don’t sleep with each other. Studies show that humping can bring back those old feelings. Unless you want this divorce to come to a grinding halt, only sleep with other people. Lesson 5: Let them keep stuff. Most of that stuff is garbage and will only remind you of their self-pitying face as you cart away the garden gnome collection. We’re pretty sure the real way to get a divorcing couple to get along is to make a common enemy for them. Maybe they can stage a kidnapping with one of the kid’s of the estranged couple. That’s probably illegal, the way the laws are written these days. Read More Of The Original Article…

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