Setting The Record Straight: Kim Porter And Scary Spice

Setting The Record Straight: Kim Porter And Scary Spice

Aight, this will be quick. Scary Spice aka Mel B aka Melanie Brown is set to go on Larry King Live to clear the air about her relationship/shared child with Eddie Murphy. She looks to be out for blood or money. Perez Hilton suggests that Eddie writes a big check. Sure, it’s callous but that may be the best way to get this to go away. For all of us.
And Kim Porter has done an interview with OK! Magazine about her split with Diddy (Sean Combs to you old schoolers). She alleges that he had not been 100% faithful (shocker) and doubts that any man could be 100% faithful (well then). She also said that the J-Lo era was a total sham (now that’s hurtful). OK! is really tearing it up lately. They have this, they had the photo rights to the Parker-Longoria wedding, and they have the Britney photo-shoot fiasco.

Speaking of Britney fiascos, according to US Weekly she had a wild night with the cast of a recent video shoot. She may have given a 21-year-old extra the best memory of his young life, too.


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