History’s Most Famous Lotharios


History’s Most Famous Lotharios
Meet four seducers (one present, three past) who rewrote the book of lovemaking.

John F. Kennedy (1917-1963) owned the Presidential Suite at Hotel Seduction. Though the slick willy of the ‘60s kept his personal life under wraps as much as possible, his torrid affairs and infamous escapades, with the likes of Marilyn Monroe, eventually leaked out. America’s 35th President was a sweet talker, and though he reportedly lacked the physical virility he exuded, the manner in which he wielded his power drew many admirers. Though, cue the collective sigh: Cheat on Jackie O., how could you?

George Clooney (1961- ) The contemporary romancer who doesn’t even have to try. His boyish good looks, crossed with smoldering bedroom eyes, give this actor an edge that allows him to seduce without even breaking a sweat. Breezing through a brief marriage years ago, this modern-day Casanova keeps it casual: no kids, no emotional baggage, and an angel-meets-imp demeanor on-screen. It’s a combo that would have any red-blooded woman yelling “Action!”

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