Tango Quickie: Who’s Got the Cutest Mascot?


Watch out you don't get stung.

Brutus the Buckeye
Where:Columbus, OH
Mascot:Ohio Buckeyes. Brutus Buckeye. Ohio is the Buckeye State, so it follows that the school’s mascot would be the Buckeye. In fact, he's a human-size anthropomorphic buckeye. Brutus became the team’s mascot in 1965 when a buck deer was rejected as impractical and potentially dangerous to keep on the sidelines.
Pro: Buckeyes are good luck. And just look at that face.
Con: The name Brutus doesn't exactly inspire loyalty.


Hokie Bird
Where: Blacksburg, VA
Mascot: Virginia Tech Hokies. What’s a Hokie? A Hokie is a made-up word used to refer to a student or fan of Virginia Tech. The bird became the team’s mascot in 1896 when the school changed names from Virginia A&M to Virginia Tech. They were once called the Fighting Gobblers, so the Hokie worked with the tough turkey motif.
Pro: You will always have a partner for the Hokey Pokey, that’s what it’s all about.
Con: Hokie as an adjective doesn't inspire much confidence. As in, Sure, ya’ll won the game, but it was
a hokie victory.

Puddle the Duck
Eugene, OR
Mascot: Oregon Ducks. Oregon’s mascot is based on the famed Disney character Donald Duck. Some claim he's called Puddle; others plain ole "Oregon Duck." Walt Disney himself gave the school free reign to use the waddly fellow as their symbol, well, provided royalties were paid. Then, in 2002, the school tried to phase out Donald’s doppelganger in favor of a new, futuristic mascot called Roboduck, but the idea didn’t swim.
Pro: Cute nephews
Con: Mug with Puddle, and you’re an unwitting victim of product placement.

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