Beat The Boys At Bracketology!


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Your fool-proof strategy to out-bracketing your man during March Madness 2009.

Strategy 6: Embrace Underdogs.

"This is my favorite sport and time of the year, so I can't help but take joy in winning my friends' hard-earned money! When planning my brackets, more often than not I'll pick higher seeds from the big conferences, but also choose some upsets for the first two rounds. They happen every year, and shake up people's brackets, which ramps up the fun. I won that way once. Thank you, Tarheels!"


-Cassandra, 26, New York City

Strategy 7: Go With What You Know

"A few years ago I competed in a March Madness pool for my company. Only knowing the usual suspects (Duke, UNC), I decided to try picking colleges where either I knew someone who attended, or if I didn't, just liked the sound of it. That was the year of Gonzaga and, thinking they had a "cool" name, I had them going throughout my bracket. I made it into 4th place! Go Gonzaga!

-Rosemary, 31, Hoboken, NJ

Strategy 8: Stick with Dick's Picks.

"I have used the same strategy for a few years now: I watch Dick Vitale's Bracketology on ESPN and pretty much use his picks! Sometimes I will switch a few things up, but not much. I have never won, but was very close last year."

-Sara, 30, Columbia, MO

Strategy 9: Talk Trash. (Just Kidding, Do Your Homework!)

"Proudly, my school (University of Florida) won the NCAA recently, so I'm doing a lot of trash talking right now. But I think the best way to keep up is to watch lots of ESPN and read USA Today's sports section. Pick your predictions from what the experts say; they'll make you seem like you know what you're talking about."

-Seyi, 25, New York City

Strategy 10: Don't Dump Your Boyfriend.

"My tip for filling out your brackets? Never break up with your boyfriend the month before the Big Dance. I did. I couldn't sleep and ended up watching too much West Coast basketball on ESPN. My brackets were so heavy on teams from the West, I forgot all about the Big 10 and SEC and got blown away in the second round!"

-Colleen, 41, Sorrento, FL

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