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Is Jessica Simpson Using a Dating Service?

From National Ledger
By Tina Sims

Shouldn't Jessica Simpson be able to find a date? The buxom blonde has no kids, loads of cash and is still very young. Still she made the cover of Us Weekly recently as unlucky in love and now a report from Life & Style Weekly claims that she is using a dating service. I know what you are thinking - it's papa Joe's fault she can't find love.

The magazine has an item in this week's issue that reports that since splitting from Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson has dated a string of musicians and actors - John Mayer, Adam Levine, Dane Cook - but hasn't had luck finding true romance.

Cue the rep™: Though Jess' rep denies it, a friend says the star is turning to a professional matchmaker to get the job done right! That has to be some job. Seriously, how hard can it be?

Tango’s Take
Yeah. This is a toughy. There are probably two, even three, MySpace pages pretending to Jess Simpson. By that measure, there could even be one or two women pretending to be Jessica on We see three possible solutions for Jessica: 1) Join a club or religion or cult that just provides a spouse for you. It’s worked for some other A-list stars. 2) Start a reality show to find a boyfriend. Or a website, is jdate taken? 3) Start sleeping with every Hollywood star until one sticks. It’s too bad that Kate Hudson has already taken Dax Shepard off the market. That could have been a good fit.

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