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Woman Says ‘Yes’ To Drive-By Marriage Proposal

Woman Says ‘Yes’ To Drive-By Marriage Proposal


HIALEAH, Fla. -- A drive-by marriage proposal resulted in a happy ending on the Palmetto Expressway Thursday afternoon.

Scott Saidel proposed to his girlfriend by displaying, 'Marle, would you marry me?' on a Mini Cooper billboard display beside the highway.

"I'm a huge car fan and I'm a huge Marle fan, so yeah I would say they're two of my big loves," Saidel said. "It's sort of a sign of what's to come because my life revolves around cars and I guess hers is going to also."

The Mini Cooper billboard usually displays snappy messages like, "Take the longcut" to promote the vehicle.
Tango’s Take We’ve always ranked electronic signage slightly behind sky-writing and slightly ahead of singing telegrams in terms of classy engagement stories. We haven’t decided if the highway-side electronic sign proposal is classier than the sporting event electronic sign proposal. We’re leaning to the sporting event proposal, the crowd goes ape-shit and there’s always a chance for her to say no. That’s reality TV drama.

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