237 Reasons Why People Haves Sex


  1. I wanted to give someone else a sexually transmitted disease.
  2. Someone offered me money to do it.
  3. I wanted to get a raise.
  4. It was an initiation rite to a club or organization.
  5. I wanted to get a job.

We don’t mean to demean the collectors of this valuable, valuable data, but aren’t some of these the same? Did they have someone compiling? Is ‘I was sexually aroused and wanted the release’ and 'I was "horny"' not really the same thing? And how about ‘It feels good’ and ‘I wanted to experience physical pleasure,’ same? At any rate, we’re pleased that the researchers spent their own money on this. We find the bottom five reasons to be the best part of this. Some men, evidently, have sex to punish themselves. Are they doing unattractive women? And some because they want to break up (by cheating?). Women have much, much better worst reasons: giving an STD, club initiation and money, raise, job. We sometimes have sex for procreative purposes. And sometimes because our partners think we make funny ‘O’ faces, and we pride ourselves on being entertaining.

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