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170 Couples To Get Married In Bulgaria's Capital On 7/7/7


Only In Bulgaria

From Sofia Echo

August 7 2007 is considered to be a lucky day, which affected the decision of various couples willing to get married.

Sofia will witness the weddings of 170 couples on that date.

All possible civil marriage timeslots have already been booked. A maximum of few more couples will be given the chance to get married on August 7.

Similar developments occurred for the date 06.06.2006. This year, however, the number of weddings on August 7 is expected to be significantly bigger.
Tango’s Take 07.07.07 mania has hit Bulgaria! Sure July 7th is the date we’re talking about here, but good work for recognizing the trend at all, Sophia Echo. Sophia Echo would be a great name for a super hero. Or a rock band. Or a porn star. Or all three. Maybe the whole 7/7/7 wedding thing is played out. Maybe people relying on lucky sevens for a happy marriage are deluded. And maybe you’ll find us fighting crime while rocking-out in a skin flick under the alias Sophia Echo.

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