Do You Make More Money Than Him?


Do You Make More Money Than Him?
Living with a woman breadwinner. Dean Chandler says buck up and do it!

Expertise is an aphrodisiac, too. Expertise is excellent bait—take it from a fierce, margin-dwelling writer. Successful women can't resist the lure of vast knowledge combined with finely honed skill. And once they're hooked, there's nothing left to do but filet and fry 'em.

I advise you to hang in there. You can't go back: That's like flying coach after sitting in first class. Put your goddamn pants back on (there's already a guy walking around the farmers' market without pants, anyway), grab that beautiful bull, and see if your nuts can handle the ride for eight seconds—or 80 years.


Dean Chandler is a freelance writer and Tango contributing editor.