Is Skipping Your Period Safe?

By YourTango

Is Skipping Your Period Safe?
Experts concur that skipping periods with back-to-back birth control is safe.

Is there any reason to worry that things might not be? Critics of menstrual suppression do fear that the everyday risks associated with hormonal birth control—blood clots, heart attack, stroke, and a potential loss in bone density—will increase with continuous use of the pill. But proponents of the practice say we could be doing our bodies a favor, since nature never intended us to menstruate so often.

"Is [skipping your period] natural? No, of course it isn't!" says Dr. Lauri Romanzi, a urogynecologist at Cornell University-New York Presbyterian Hospital. "But it's also unnatural for women to live until they're 100 and have only one or two children throughout their lifetimes."


What about that other little reason to take birth control pills?

Although it is unlikely that a lower-dose pill taken daily will be less effective in preventing pregnancy, reports have suggested that heavier women require a higher dosage to avoid failure. And all women who are suppressing should pay close attention to their bodies' signs.

The payoff for that vigilance is short-term freedom—and potential long-term health benefits. "I'm very confident that the suppressive birth control methods will significantly decrease rates of ovarian cancer in the future," says Dr. Romanzi.

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