New Trends in "Love Science"


Tango highlights the 2005 research breakthroughs in Love Science.

David Anderson, professor of biology at Caltech, published his findings in the May 2005 issue of the journal Neuron.

We now know what happens in your brain when you get dumped. A new study of six men and 11 women by Dr. Helen Fisher’s research team uncovered which areas of the brain light up to reflect certain tendencies after being rejected by a lover. The tendencies include: a willingness to take risks to get the loved one back, obsessively thinking about the partner, controlling the inevitable “abandonment rage,” thinking about what the partner is doing/feeling, and actual physical pain. Details of these findings will be published in 2006.

Looking even further ahead, Fisher believes the future of the love science field is in the study of gender differences. “We come from a time where both men and women were considered to be exactly alike … [and] women thought finding differences could be used against them,” she says. “But we are going to understand, for example, that women are just as sexual as men—sex is just plain old different between genders.”

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