One Couple Has it All By Taking Turns

By YourTango

A couple successfully manages work and kids through a give-and-take approach.

Audrey misses her husband during his city sojourns, but his absences provide her time to work on a second book with her mother and develop their online baby-related business, Pinks & Blues. And, at the end of the day, Audrey focuses more on her husband’s time at home than his time away. “I can have lunch with my husband, which was unheard of when we were both in New York,” she says. The two also aim to complete their workdays by 6:00 P.M., so they have evenings to spend with their children, and they have committed to a weekly date night. “We go to the movies, go get some coffee, or even go on Target or Home Depot runs,” Audrey laughs. The activity isn’t as important as having the flexibility to carve out time together on a regular basis.

Key for Success:
Decide whose career will be the focus, outlining the duration and scope for each “turn,” and what each other’s exact role will be.

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