Bonnie Fuller Gives Advice on Work/Family Balance

By YourTango

Media maven Bonnie Fuller has a thriving family and career. How she did it.

Fuller also explains that having a cooperative partner is essential if you elect to dance the work/life quick-step. She has a supportive and loving husband whose schedule has a little more give than hers does. (He owns his own architecture firm.)

"Over the years, we've worked really hard to divvy up the responsibilities," she says. The bottom line? "If you've got energy and drive and ideas, it is really wonderful to see your ideas realized," she says. "It gives you an incredible sense of self-satisfaction and self-esteem."

Keys for Success:
Aim high and identify the life you want—number of kids, job titles, salary—and develop a plan for achieving it. Recognize that life will be juicy but chaotic, and you won't feel successful in all arenas at all times

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