Three Unforgettable New Year's Getaways

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Three Unforgettable New Year's Getaways
Skip town and ring in the new year with an unforgettable holiday.

New Year's Eve can be frustratingly anticlimactic. How many times have you found yourself stuck at a boring party or on a couch waiting for the ball to drop while you wonder what you’re missing? This year, beat the New Year's pressure by avoiding it all together. Get out of town and spend the final hours of the 365th day at a new and exciting destination. Air fares and hotel rates could drop just before New Year's, which means that for the cost of a few bottles of champagne guaranteed to make your head pound, you can wing your way to an exotic destination and feel your heart pound instead. Plus, there's the fun of being asked what your New Year’s plans are and answering, oh-so-casually, "Actually, I thought I might go to … "

Santa Fe, New Mexico

The city's dramatic brown adobe architecture, set against snow-capped mountains, creates this town's signature aesthetic, which has inspired generations of artists. After a day walking through the capital's famous Plaza, browsing its galleries, and touring the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, head to the 24-room Inn of the Five Graces. Here, Santa Fe's lush colors and bohemian luxury are reflected in a style that is Southwest by way of Asia. Many of the rooms are draped in red and yellow fabrics and feature exotic imported artifacts from the Far East and beyond. To coddle your romantic side, book one of the suites with a mesquite-burning fireplace., (505) 992-0957.

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