Are You a Family if You Don't Have Kids?

By YourTango

Are You a Family if You Don't Have Kids?
Childless couples and the definition of family.

On the long drive home from the weekend with my parents, Duncan and I talked about our life, our relationship, and what it meant to both of us. When we arrived at last, we unlocked the front door, and lugged our suitcases upstairs. As he always does, Duncan began unpacking immediately, placing clean clothes back in their drawers, dirty ones in the hamper. As I always do, I plopped my suitcase in a corner, knowing I'd unpack it in a few days when I needed something I'd left in there. But before I set off to go watch TV, I turned and gave Duncan a hug. It lasted a long time; I think we both began to let the tension of the last week fall away. In that embrace, what I felt for him was probably what you would call love. But there was also something beyond definition, and that thing was embracing us both.

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