Will These Couples Beat the Odds?

By YourTango

Will These Couples Beat the Odds?
Think your relationships are hard to maintain? Try having paparazzi follow your every move.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise (30/1)
RG: She was starstruck: blinded by wealth, good looks, fame. It's easy to think that infatuation is love, but it doesn't last. Compatibility is about what happens when two people are alone. When the cameras stop rolling, my guess is that they have little in common. They won't last.
PP: They have poor chances of success. There is a huge age difference, a previous marriage, and stepchildren.

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis (3/7)
RG: After eight years and two kids, he still refuses to seal the deal with marriage. Even though he clearly adores her, this guy is keeping his options open. She'd be wise to move on if she wants a formal commitment. They won't last.
PP: Even though they are not married, unmarried partnership with kids are more common in Europe, where they live. These two have high chances of success.

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