Musician Melissa Auf Der Maur Strikes a Chord


Musician Melissa Auf Der Maur Strikes a Chord
Fear and loving in the world of musician Melissa Auf Der Maur.

I did something I've never done before, which is lock myself in isolation by the ocean in Massachusetts, in my family's summer home. I spent two months there, and discovered the beauty of being alone. I'm an urban girl who is in love with people and with devouring the freakiness of humanity. But I spent two months when I wouldn't get out of my pajamas for four days. I fed my brain with books and watched all the movies I've never been able to see. I started the blog. I sat there with my four-track, and wrote and searched for the heart of this record from noon to midnight every day for two months. And I found it.

Jonathan Cohen is a new york-based writer and editor for billboard. Melissa auf der Maur’s second solo album will be out in 2006 on Capitol Records.

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