She Loves the Country, He the City: Can they Make it Work?


She Loves the Country, He the City: Can they Make it Work?
Advice for a couple looking to reconcile their city vs. country desires

Bored country girlQ: My girlfriend and I have only been together for about six months, but we already know that we’re going to make a life together, and we’re discussing marriage. The only problem is that I am passionately convinced that I need to live in a big city (such as the one where we live now), while she is adamant that she eventually needs to be someplace quieter and less stressful. We feel the way we do for professional reasons, as well as personal ones. She’s willing to go with my choice, for a time, as long as I return the favor later in life. And no, some kind of suburban compromise won’t do—it would just drive both of us equally crazy. But can we really make the time-splitting work? Is such a long-range plan realistic?
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A: If you're beginning to consider marriage, it’s important to fully understand each other’s long-range goals and aspirations, and for each of you to decide what compromises you’re willing to make. Is it realistic for you to make the move your partner desires? Can you be content in a quieter living arrangement? And what would it take for you to make such a move? For example, if it’s important for your career to live in the city, could your career change enough to make living in a smaller town an acceptable choice? Also, what do each of you consider a realistic time frame for “returning the favor”? Make sure that your ideas about the timing of any moves are roughly the same.

As your relationship progresses, try to spend time with your girlfriend in her more ideal, quieter world. For example, if she grew up in a small town, go back with her for visits, and get a feel for what her desired future lifestyle really looks like. Is it what you envision when you imagine yourself making a move out of the city? Can you really see yourself in that world? Consider these questions carefully, but also remember that your relationship is relatively new. It’s easy to get carried away at this stage, so try not to rush into anything, least of all a lifetime commitment.

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