Quiz: Do You Fall For Bad Boys?

By YourTango

bad boys
Do you have the bad boy bug? How to know and how to remedy.

__ 30. I have continued to date a guy after he has been abusive to me.

Scoring Key
These questions are weighted in terms of severity. The more true answers you have going down the list, the more susceptible you are to bad boys.


Questions 1-10 True answers in this category are no big deal unless you make a habit of it.

Questions 11-20 These questions are much more indicative of susceptibility. If you answered true to items 11, 12, or 13, you may be able to get away with it—but any true answers from 14 to 20 mean you are on the Bad Boy Hit List.

Questions 21-30 If you answered true to any of these, you cannot date without parental permission, or at least with your closest friends' permission. You run the risk of overlooking the nice guy right in front of your face.

We sat down with Pat Love to get to the bottom of every woman’s favorite mistake.

Q: YourTango's entire editorial staff failed this quiz. Are we in trouble?
A: Don't worry! Many people "fail" this quiz. As you're going through the questions, just pay attention to how you feel. The more you squirm, the more you know that you might be a sitting duck for bad boys.

Q: Why are bad boys so irresistible?
A: Bad boys are handsome and elusive, and that triggers attraction. But it’s largely a societal issue. We are programmed by our culture to think that chemistry is love. We are constantly stimulated—by work, television, shopping—and we tend to move on if we’re not excited. Also, some women’s brains are wired to interpret anger and petulance as love because of their early negative experiences with men.

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