Learn To Flirt Like A Pro

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Learn To Flirt Like A Pro
Flirting 101: What works, which celebs do it well and when does it go too far?

Looking back on your flirting hall of fame, what stands out as your best flirtation?

I remember I was flirting with this guy who was selling produce off the back of his truck. I would see him a couple times a week. He was always at just the same place. We definitely made eye contact. Then one day he was wiggling his finger, beckoning me. He was holding the most perfect strawberry in his hand. I just came up, and he thought I was going to take it with my fingers. I didn't. I ate it out of his hand. Well, we went out for about eight months.


Oh my. What's the latest innovation in flirting?

Typing flirtation is the newest thing that is happening. It takes away that element of who's attractive and who's not attractive. You can't see.

Are there any IM moves you'd like to pass on?

I don't really like to rely on those little smileys. I like to sign off or go away before it gets too hot and heavy. I like to leave it hanging.

And what did your husband think about you flirting with strangers to research the book?

Well, my husband is a major flirt himself. That's how I met him. He and I had a big flirt going.

Has flirting ever complicated your marriage?

Sometimes, but I also think that it enriches it. I think married couples should flirt with each other for starters. Especially when you have children, you have to work harder to remember what you saw in each other. That can mean playing a game—driving in separate cars and meeting somewhere and pretending like you don't know each other. But also I like watching my husband flirt with other women because I know it makes him feel sexy.

What about for couples who aren't married? Should they be allowed to flirt with other people?

Usually when women get into a serious relationship, two things happen to their flirt-ability quotient. They either drop flirting because they feel it would be wrong to flirt or they feel really relaxed and really liberated because they have the safety of the relationship. Now they can really flirt with impunity.

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