Angie Harmon & Jason Sehorn: Married with Children

By YourTango

Angie Harmon & Jason Sehorn: Married with Children
Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn talk with YourTango about marriage and kids.

So, what's Jason's favorite costume?
AH: I won't answer that. I'm a good Southern girl. You'll have to ask him.
JS: French maid. There's been plenty of outfits and costumes, but that one takes the cake. Maybe it's because that outfit doesn't exist anywhere, except in dreams. A close second is schoolgirl—there's something about seeing your wife with white stockings up to her knees. It all goes back to those legs!

In another life, who would you have had a crush on?
AH: Ed Norton. Absolutely. He's just so talented. That was something I quizzed myself on when I was dating Jason: "If Ed Norton called me and asked me out right now what would I say?" (My answer
was "no.")
JS: There's no right answer to that question! I'm in this life, so I'm going to go ahead and live in the here and now.


What quality do you admire most in him/her?
AH: His integrity.
JS: Her compassion. To be around her on a daily basis is pretty amazing.

Why do you think your relationship works?
AH: Because we communicate, and we're conscientious of each other's feelings. Jason's seen me at my best and my worst. Even my closest friends haven't seen me when I'm defeated and depressed and sad. He has, and he's right there with me.
JS: Because we understand that we're not the same, and we love each other. We're very stubborn people, but when it comes to our marriage, we put that aside.

What do you want most for each other?
AH: Lifelong bliss—because he deserves it.
JS: Happiness. I don't care about all that other stuff. As long as she's happy, then I'm good.

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