Starting Over Gave ER Actress New Love Attitude

By YourTango

Actress Kari Matchett discusses career and marriage with YourTango.

Did you ever hesitate to join an industry where your physical appearance can make or break your career?
Honestly, my opinion is you buy into it or you don't buy into it. I know a lot of actors who are not typically beautiful and they are huge successes and huge creative forces, and I think originality and being who you are is more important than the outside. I don't think there's any longevity in a career when you approach your work from the outside in. My favorite actors are the ones who have not had plastic surgery, who are not overly obsessed with being thin. I love Meryl Streep. She's so transcendental because of who she is. I think you buy into it or you don't buy into it, and you're therefore surrounded by people who buy into it or don't. I've never had a discussion with any producer about weight or looks. Not once ever.

Billy Baker is a freelance journalist in Boston.

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