Starting Over Gave ER Actress New Love Attitude

By YourTango

Actress Kari Matchett discusses career and marriage with YourTango.

On the show, you have a romantic connection with both of the male leads (one is your husband and one is your ex-husband). Have you ever been involved in a real-life love triangle?
When I was three, I was in love with Bradley O. and Bradley W. and it was a mess. These are kids from Spalding. One of them turned out to be gay.

The entertainment industry is famously hard on relationships. You're separated from your husband, director T.W. Peacocke. Why is it so hard for couples to survive in the biz?

I think, number one, it's hard for couples to survive inside or outside the industry. The challenge that all couples face is: Can you weather personal evolution and can you, as a couple, handle all of the changes that you are going to go through? Can you accept that? Can you live with it?

When you decide to get married and spend your life with somebody, these are all things that you can't foresee. Unfortunately, the majority of marriages are unhappy because people don't have the courage to say: "We can't do this anymore."
I think what we see in the entertainment industry is a reflection of what we see happening in society at large, it just has a light shown on it. In the entertainment business, you're put in these hyper-intimate situations really fast and you get to know people really quickly and you get in these situations where you feel you need to do something.

That being said, do you ever think you'll get married again, or do you just have it in your head that you'll walk away?
I won't always walk away. I wouldn't walk away unless I felt it was necessary. I don't know about the institution of marriage, to be honest with you. I don't know if I'll get married again. We'd have to have a real simpatico understanding of what it was before we did. As much as I loved my husband and still do, I had a lot of preconceptions about being married. But once I was doing it, I realized it wasn't the marriage, it was the relationship that makes the bond strong. Why do we all rush into this thing we call marriage? I think having a strong relationship is a success. It's not whether you get married or stay married.

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