7 Ways To Tell If He Plans To Marry You


7 Ways To Tell If He Plans To Marry You
"The List" offers simple, no fuss signs for deciphering if he's that into you.

My problem with the List is more mundane. Let's just say for the sake of argument that I've signed on to the List philosophy. How exactly do I meet Mr. Wonderful? If I'm an online dater, I have to wait for him to make the first move (how retro!). The authors seem to imply that by simply reassessing my goals and figuring out what it is I must have in a man, I'll unleash a torrent of List-worthy prospects. I'm not so sure. I can see their point: he may not look or act the way I expect Prince Charming to look or act, so I need to keep my eyes and ears open, but still, it seems like quite a leap of faith.

That said, since having read the book, I find myself much less tolerant of sluggish dating behavior. If a guy doesn't perk right up and show interest in me, I'm more likely to give him the shake. No more settling for half-hearted, weak-kneed attempts to woo me. Clearing the decks, so to speak, inspires confidence. And, in my experience, confident women rarely have trouble finding men. So if that's the only way reading The List affects you, it's well worth the $12.95 cover price.

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