7 Ways To Tell If He Plans To Marry You


7 Ways To Tell If He Plans To Marry You
"The List" offers simple, no fuss signs for deciphering if he's that into you.

It sounds like a dream come true. And I guess that's why I like this book by Mary Corbett and Sheila Corbett Kihne. As did He's Just Not That Into You, it challenges women to simplify a seemingly complicated situation: dating. The premise is basically that if he thinks you're the one, he'll know it, you'll know it, the world will know it because (here's the fast-ball) he acts like it!

Moreover, like another best-selling manual, The Rules, it gives women willing to play by these (admittedly stringent) rules a measure of self-esteem along with a bunch of practical advice. If he calls outside the first 48 hours, you're instructed to give him a polite brush-off. If he wavers in his commitment to you and doesn't seem undyingly loyal, it's so long Charlie. If the first date is a He-Date (loosely defined as all-about-him), give him the boot. Because you deserve a List Man, a man who knows that he wants you and will do most anything to convince you that you want him, too. Give Advice: Will my boyfriend ever ask me to marry him?


Many women will recognize a List Man as the type they've trampled as they ran after a "real man." You know, the "real man" who will invite you for drinks along with all his work buddies and then leave you languishing at the bar while he plays another round of pool. Ah, the allure of the unattainable.

The up-side of the List was obvious to me, but I can hear the protestations:

* Doesn't it leave him holding all the cards? (Not if you're the one enforcing the rules.)
* Doesn't it strengthen the societal pressure to marry? (My advice: don't read it if you're not interested in finding a husband; the pressure's been there and it's not going anywhere. Either you've dealt with it or you haven't.)
* Isn't it simplistic? (Yes, and isn't that glorious?)

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