The Best Sunscreens for Both of You


The Best Sunscreens for Both of You
Tango enlists a couple to test out different brands of sunscreen.

We know, we know. We could all be a little more conscientious about flossing our teeth, dosing up on antioxidants, calling our grandmothers, and protecting our skin from the sun (every day). In the name of preventative care, can Tango entice these three intrepid couples to make sunscreen a part of their daily routines?

SkinCeuticals Daily DefenseWhat
SkinCeuticals Daily Defense, SPF 20; $28 for 3 ounces; for retailers click here or call 800-811-1660.


This moisturizing sunblock contains no PABA, oil, or fragrance, making it suitable for daily use and all skin types.

Michelle Alogna
, human relations manager, and Peter Finn, investment banker. Engaged, May 2006.

Fun fact
It's all in the family. Michelle's twin sister is dating Peter's cousin.

The Double Take
Peter: This face moisturizing product has proven especially effective at moisturizing my face. My skin radiates like the sun.
Michelle: I would recommend it to someone if they were going to be exposed to a lot of sun, but not for everyday use.
So would I, if my friends asked me for a face moisturizer recommendation—but if they did, they would no longer be my friends.

Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry-Touch SunblockWhat
Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry-Touch Sunblock, SPF 30; $8 for 3 ounces; click here to purchase.

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