Finding Romance in the Great Outdoors


Finding Romance in the Great Outdoors
Trips to reconnect with nature and your mate.

You won’t be ruffin’ it at Paws Up’s Tent City on the Blackfoot River in the Montana wilderness, where more than 100 miles of private trails, s’mores, “turndown service,” a camping butler (handy for lighting fires), gourmet dining, feather beds, and even fine art on canvas walls are among the niceties. The price is $595 per day, meals included. The “Pawsitively Romantic” package includes three nights in a “Big Timber” home (rather than a tent), meals, sleigh rides in season, and massages. $2,563, (800) 473-0601,

Break open the piggybank for Bedwell River Outpost on Vancouver Island, which promises “soft adventure and soft beds”—not to mention saunas and hot tubs. Your opulent “suite tent” is nestled along the water’s edge in an ancient rainforest, and furnished with an Adirondack bed, down-filled duvet, antique dressers, glass oil lamps, heirloom china and silver, and a wood stove. The four-day “Wild Nights” package comes with horse-drawn wagon shuttle, meals, private fireside dinners, and massages overlooking the bay, plus kayaking, canoeing, mountain biking, and private picnics. $5,700 CAD (about $5,085 U.S. dollars) includes airfare from Vancouver. (888) 333-5405,

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