Keys to Bliss: Sex, Love and Nintendo?


nintendo sex
Battle virtually with couple-friendly video games.

Laura, a 29-year-old technology director from New York City who plays with her boyfriend, agrees. “We tend to go for racing games. Of course, he always cheats by trying to run me off the road. But that’s why it’s so cool when I win. Sometimes we place wagers: The last time he lost, I made him wear a tie out to dinner. In the end, it’s more about being playful than being competitive.”

Which isn’t to say the gaming industry is becoming more female-friendly. One look at the scads of titles featuring busty, scantily clad babes confirms that’s not the case.


Still, there are a few notable titles that won’t make a self-respecting woman want to pull the plug.

Halo 2
There’s a reason this is the most popular Xbox game in history. Work together to save the planet in coop mode or do battle one-on-one. It’s highly addictive and has a relatively speedy learning curve.

Splinter Cell
Chaos Theory
The coop mode allows you to distract guards while your sweetie kills your opponent. You’ll need each other to win, so no hitting.

Project Gotham Racing 2
The ultimate driving game, you can race each other (via System Link) through the streets of Chicago, Florence, or Edinburgh. Consider this an alternative to that vacation you’ve been meaning to take together.

Dead or Alive 3
With state-of-the-art graphics, sexy his-and-hers players, and tag-team modes, this fighting game will help you settle scores the old-fashioned way.

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