The Stand By Your Man Plan

The Stand By Your Man Plan


There has been an awful lot of hubbub in the last day or so about this Eliot Spitzer guy. Can you imagine a public official straying from his marriage? Errr. It’s become a cliché at this point: The Simpsons’ mayor “Diamond” Joe Quimby channels Kennedy family proclivities. Jim McGreevey hires a woefully under-qualified Homeland Security Advisor (and does him). Larry Craig plays footsie in a Minneapolis airport. And Slick Willy gets a sweet hummer on the sly in the Oval Office (among other things).

The one thing that these dudes have in common is that their wives stood by them. Were they aware of what was going on? Dina McGreevey says that she got details of her husband’s dalliances about an hour before their press conference. And did Hillary know about Bill Clinton’s penchant for thong underpants, Oval oral, and cigar-induced gynecology and just wasn’t into it? We’ll never know. We know that for some reason(s) she decided to stick around. We’re not laying blame on anyone. Dr. Laura seems to think that Silda Spitzer is to blame for the Governor’s missteps. Doubtful, but no one will ever know. We just know that for whatever reason, she decided to stick it out (at least for now).

Political operatives talk about the need for a wife duet with Tammy Wynette (the singer of ‘Stand By Your Man’) until things blow over. But it looks like cheating and embarrassing your family, even on a national stage is not always a dealbreaker. And no one really has any idea until they walk a mile in those moccasins. Back in 1999 Wendy Vitter empathized more with Lorena Bobbitt than Hillary Clinton, “If he does something like that, I'm walking away with one thing, and it's not alimony, trust me.” And in 2007 her husband, David Vitter, got caught up in a whore debacle. What did she do? Yep, stand by her man.


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